Not all CBD products are created equal. You know it. I know it. Countless Tennessee hemp connoisseurs know it. What makes Smoky Mountain CBD a superior product in Eastern Tennessee and all across the nation? Other than just third-party testing to verify quality, we will tell you our secret. It must be that Tennessee Hemp Flower.

The Basics of Tennessee Hemp Flower 

At Smoky Mountain CBD, we use locally grown Tennessee Hemp Flower to produce the majority of our premium-quality CBD products. As many of you already know, hemp is a popular cousin to marijuana. Both plants contain CBD, a cannabinoid that has benefitted from a growing reputation for promoting health and wellness.

The difference between hemp and marijuana is the amount of Delta 9 in each plant. Marijuana has large quantities of Delta 9, but hemp has notably lower concentrations. At Smoky Mountain CBD, we make sure to use local Tennessee hemp to keep our products locally produced, processed, and consistent when it’s used.

Enhance Your Lifestyle with the Power of CBD 

Smoky Mountain CBD brings the natural power of CBD to Tennessee and beyond. We are a wholesale company specializing in high-quality CBD products that are reliably sourced, affordable, and fully packaged for resale. By working closely with retailers, we are able to provide wholesale CBD products of exceptional quality to the greater Tennessee market and clients nationwide!

Our Delta 8 Products 

Many of the products we use are labeled Delta 8, one of the increasingly popular variants of THC. Delta 8 THC is less psychoactive than Delta 9, and it does have a mildly mind-altering effect. Delta 8 THC is legal in some states, but illegal in others. Another more recognized cannabinoid, Delta 9, is a popular THC variant that many people recognize.

Delta 9 is responsible for the high feeling associated with marijuana. Additionally, delta 9 is psychoactive, and it can cause ‘heavier’ effects in people not acclimated to smoking.

Get in touch with Smoky Mountain CBD today for a wealth of Delta 8 wholesale products made with Tennessee Hemp Flower, like our Delta 8 carts, Delta 8 wax, Delta 8 honey, and more.