Hip dysplasia is a very common disease that affects large dog breeds. It is estimated that hip dysplasia affects almost 15.6% of all dogs in the United States.  It is a skeletal condition that occurs most frequently in breeds like the Golden Retriever, the German Shepherd, or the Siberian Husky. While it’s quite prevalent in larger breeds, smaller dogs are also susceptible to it. Let’s dig in to find the best CBD oil for dogs with hip dysplasia, to help give relief to the best family members!

What is Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?

Just like all other mammals, the hip joint has two major components: a ball and a socket. The ball has to fit inside the socket and move around freely, thus allowing dogs to move their hind legs. However, when the ball does not fit into the socket properly, or if the socket doesn’t develop as it should, it causes severe pain during movement.

That’s because the ball tends to rub and grind against the socket. Instead of the smooth function, the constant grinding causes the bone to deteriorate, and eventually, the animal loses function of its hip. There are a number of different factors that could cause hip dysplasia, such as a rapid rate of growth or poorly managed weight. 

Is CBD Good for Dogs with Hip Dysplasia?

Most vets would recommend the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as NSAIDs. However, over time, the body builds a tolerance to the use of such drugs, so they aren’t a really effective solution. NSAIDs can also cause side effects, often making dogs drowsy or causing anxiety. 

CBD oil has been known to be a very effective treatment for persistent conditions such as hip dysplasia, especially because it doesn’t cause any side effects. Paired with its low toxicity, it’s a fantastic option for managing pain. There are several CBD oils that are ideal for managing hip dysplasia in dogs. 

CBD oil helps relieve pain and manage anxiety. Hemp, on the other hand, acts as a nutritional supplement for dogs, providing them the necessary vitamins and nutrition their body requires. Ideally, you can use both in tandem to manage the dog’s health. 

Should I Give My Dog CBD Oil Every day?

The effects of CBD generally tend to last for around 24 hours, though other factors, such as the amount of dosage or the dog’s physiology can alter this figure. In most cases, the dog’s blood pressure will lower, and they may start feeling thirstier than usual. 

In other words, you can give your dog a bit of CBD oil daily, but note that after a certain stage, even CBD won’t be able to work. At such a time, the only option is to go for surgery, and it’s best to take the dog to a vet for a medical opinion. 

What Brand of CBD Oil is Best for Dogs?

There are a number of companies that have introduced CBD oils for alleviating the pain and managing the symptoms of hip dysplasia. Here are four of the most popular choices. 

1. Smoky Mountain CBD Pet Elixirs

The Smoky Mountain CBD Pet Elixir has quickly become one of the best choices for all dog breed owners. The hemp is grown natively in Tennessee and is completely non-GMO. Pet elixirs are available in both isolate and full spectrum options,, so you can choose which works best for your pet. 

The company also offers different strength options, ranging from 250 mg to 5000 mg. The natural flavor is generally the most popular choice amongst dog owners, though several others are also available. 

2. Verma Farms 

The Verma Farms CBD oil is another great option for alleviating the pain caused by hip dysplasia in dogs. It is available in different strengths for different sized dogs.

To make the oil easier for consumption, Verma Farms also offers two very flavor choices: chicken and salmon. The tinctures don’t contain any THC but do include additional substances such as salmon and coconut oil. 

3. Honest Paws

The Honest Paws CBD oil is made using fully organic hemp that’s grown natively in the United States. It also contains chamomile oil, and the company also releases regular test results for each batch, conducted by an independent laboratory. 

The good thing about Honest Paws is that it doesn’t contain any additional, harmful substances, such as GMOs, soy, or corn. You don’t have to worry about your dog’s stomach getting upset. 

It is important to understand that while CBD is great for managing the symptoms of hip dysplasia, it’s not a cure. It’s not a substitute for other therapies or lifestyle changes (which become necessary for ailing dogs). Moreover, CBD oil should be given along with supplements like Vitamin E and Vitamin C, as they also act to reduce joint inflammation. 

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