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Head inside our Ocoee Botanicals storefront to check out the new local hangout spot: Ocoee Coffee Joint. Try one of the many unique drinks on our menu and redeem your exclusive discount on Smoky Mountain CBD goods in the Ocoee Botanicals shop.


Sip a superb beverage

At Ocoee Coffee Joint, drinks are creatively crafted and feature only our favorite drink brands in the biz. From CBD infusions for relaxation to high-frequency caffeine, find artfully-sourced coffee, effervescent spritzers, and everything in between. Try something new or stick to your standard; there’s something here for everyone.

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Smoky Mountain CBD is one of the top-selling CBD brands in the Ocoee Botanicals store. Made with 100% Tennessee-grown hemp, every Smoky Mountain CBD product is carefully developed to maximize user benefits from a range of refined, isolated cannabinoids.

Choose from tinctures, edibles, vapes, and more, and apply your 10% discount after your purchase of any drink from Ocoee Coffee Joint.


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