Delta 8 Cream

Delta 8 Cream is the perfect Delta 8 topical for soothing sore or aching muscles.

A combination of natural plant extracts, delta 8, and our hemp-derived CBD work together to create an icy, cool Delta 8 salve for pain. This delta 8 topical creates a cooling sensation when applied. Apply a small amount of this D8 topical cream for pain in specific areas, and immediately feel the effects!

  • It is best to apply this D8:CBD Hemp Balm with gloves
  • Keep away from eyes
  • Keep away from children

Have you tried our new Heat Salve? It works great in combination with Herbal Ice CBD Pain Salve.

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Delta 8 THC Cream is a premium hemp balm.

This hemp cream provides a cooling sensation when applied.

Delta 8 Ice Salve contains both CBD and THC at a 1:1 ratio.

You can purchase this Delta 8 cream for pain in – 1000mg/4oz and 500mg/2oz hemp salve sizes.

Our Delta 8 Cream is a 1:1 mixture of Delta 8:CBD.

Herbal Ice Delta 8 Balm is made with all-natural premium ingredients, which is why it was voted our best Delta 8 salve for pain.

This delta 8 ointment is used exclusively in pain clinics here in Tennessee. Herbal Ice delta 8 Topical Cream has proven to be the best delta 8 salve for pain.

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Delta 8 Cream Wholesale

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