Balance Delta-9 THC Cream

Balance THC Cream brings all of the quick pain relief qualities of the Wellness Balm, but in a balanced Delta 9 package.

The beauty of this full spectrum balm is that it provides relief not only to the body but to the mind as well. Balance Δ9 Balm is carefully formulated with a 1:1 concentration of the finest hemp grown right here in Tennessee and Delta 9. Combined with natural ingredients like Vitamin E and Lanolin, the balm provides instant pain relief to isolated regions and a mild high to help you take the edge off.

Balance Δ9 Balm contains approximately 350mg of CBD and 350mg of Delta 9 THC, and is made out of full spectrum hemp extract. Each batch also goes through comprehensive, third-party lab testing. 

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Balance Delta 9 THC Cream is specifically formulated at a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC. The added Lanolin also moisturizes your skin without creating a greasy layer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our topical creams are designed to deliver faster pain relief by absorbing directly into the pain hotspot through the skin. Gently massage the cream into your neck, back, shoulders, knees, calves, legs, and other non-sensitive areas to quickly ease the pain and get cooling relief.

Yes, absolutely! Many Smoky Mountain customers use our edibles and smokeable products along with our creams to get faster relief in localized areas such as the back, ankles, neck, and so on. All products are made from the same high-quality hemp.

Yes, Balance Delta 9 balm is made from full-spectrum extract which means it contains Delta 9 THC (well within the federal limit).

Additional Information

  • Contains CBD, MCT Oil, Bees Wax, Manuka Honey, Vitamin E & Lanolin
  • 4oz/1000mg cannabinoids (Full Spectrum Hemp Extract)
  • <.3% THC
  • USA Grown Hemp
  • Packaged in 1000mg/4oz jars.

Directions for Best Use

  • Gently massage the cream into pain hot spots. Do not apply to sensitive areas.
  • CBD may impair your ability to drive or operate machinery.
  • As with any dietary supplement, consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, nursing, have or suspect a medical condition, or are taking any medications.
  • Not intended for use by children.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

This product uses full spectrum extraction to bring you the psychoactive ingredient, THC but well within the federal legal limit.

This product contains THC.

This product contains Delta 8

The Right Formulation For You

Many Smoky Mountain CBD products come in one of four fundamental formulations: Boost, Rest, Wellness, and Pure. Find out which of these is the right choice for you.