Autoflower Seeds Feminized

THCa Dominant Autoflower Seeds from our artisanal breeding program.

Smoky Mountain’s Autoflower THC Seeds are a product of our in-house artisanal breeding program. These high THCa strains have been carefully bred to ensure a consistently high yield without constant care and attention. Feminized to ensure all plants product high quality flowers, and no time is wasted culling males. Autoflower seeds are great for novice or busy growers and require little effort and attention. 

These seeds can be harvested below .3% Delta 9 THC if harvested under the correct conditions. 

Auto flowering fem seeds are available in five unique strains/flavors. Each strain is capable of producing anywhere from 15-28% THCa, percentages may vary based upon growing techniques and conditions. Please consult with a professional or lawyer before attempting to grow these seeds in your state. 

Get reliable and high-quality cannabis plants without the usual headaches of light schedules and male plants.  



Smoky Mountain’s Autoflowering Seeds are all High THCa strains that are US-bred and comprehensively tested. Take your pick from five strains, each with a unique flavor, smell, and taste.

  • OG Auto
  • Cheese Auto
  • Strawnana Auto
  • ChemDawg Auto
  • MAC Auto

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Autoflowering Seeds and the High THCa strains in particular are designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible. Part of the ease of growth comes from the fact that these seeds are feminized and will start to show signs of flowering on their own in 2-4 weeks.

Flowers from Auto THC Seeds should start to become visible after the first two weeks after germination, if not earlier.

Our Auto THC Seeds are designed to make the most high-quality CBD possible. The high THCa strain ensures that in the right quantities, you will get a strong euphoric feeling.

Additional Information

  • High THCa Strains
  • Autoflowering Strains
  • Feminized Seeds
  • 100% Vegan and Pure
  • USA Grown
  • Easy to grow

Directions for Best Use

  • Follow the correct germination steps to ensure maximum yield with minimum effort later on.
  • These seeds are all season and can be harvested year-round in controlled environments.
  • This is a THCa dominant strain with a high THCa content, use accordingly.

High THCa Genetics

This product produces a full spectrum flower with high concentrations of the psychoactive ingredient, THCa.

This product does not contain Delta 9 THC.

This product contains Delta 8

The Right Formulation For You

Many Smoky Mountain CBD products come in one of four fundamental formulations: Boost, Rest, Wellness, and Pure. Find out which of these is the right choice for you.