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99% CBN Isolate Powder


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99% pure CBN Isolate Powder ready to use on its own, or to mix into your favorite drinks or snacks. Available in 1-1000g bulk quantities, at unbeatable wholesale prices—Smoky Mountain CBD has got you covered.


Smoky Mountain’s experts manufacture our CBN Isolate using the highest quality processing equipment available, and rigorously 3rd party tested to ensure the best CBN products in the industry. Control the quality of your life with confidence by choosing the leading experts in CBD production and quality.

Hyper-refined hemp derived Cannabinol (CBN) Isolate containing 0% THC.


Appearance: White/Off-White crystalline powder


Odor: none


Flavor: none


Consistency: Course grainy feel, similar to fine salt


Storage: Recommended storing in air tight containers, for up to 2 years.


CBN Isolate FAQs

As research into hemp products grows, there’s more and more cannabinoids being discovered regularly. CBN, CBG, CBD, THC—All these different terms can be hard to keep up with and confusing, CBN Isolate included. Smoky Mountain CBD is here to help with that by giving you the information you need to take your health into your own hands!

CBN, also known as Cannabinol, is a cannabinoid found in cannabis like CBD. CBN however is not produced directly by the plant itself like other similar cannabinoids. Instead, as cannabis or hemp is exposed to oxygen and heat over time, it breaks down and converts into CBN. Once this process is finished, the CBN can be extracted into the crystalline CBN Isolate powder.

CBN studies are in infancy, so the full effects of CBN Isolate are still unclear. Despite this, there is a growing demand for CBN in the health and wellness sectors for its effects that seem to help with sleep quality.

Yes! Smoky Mountain CBD has CBN Isolate for sale at wholesale and bulk prices. Also check out our other CBN products, including capsules and tinctures!


To get access to CBN wholesale, visit the contact tab at the top of our website and you can fill out the registration form directly from there!

Although the total effects of CBN are still unclear, preliminary studies show that CBN powder could be linked to longer and better sleep quality when taken on a regular basis. Many consumers have been purchasing CBN for sleep products to add to their daily regimen.

No, unlike the cannabinoid THC, CBN will not get you high and does not have any psychoactive effects on the body.

When extracted and manufactured correctly, CBN does not contain a traceable amount of THC. Always buy CBN Isolate from a trusted provider, with lab tests, to ensure a quality product.

CBN will show up on a urinalysis that are intended to test for THC. CBN will stay in your system for approximately 2-5 days depending on the dosage and user.

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