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Cannabinoids in capsules

Just about as convenient as cannabinoid delivery gets. Our line of soft gel capsules are pre-dosed, pop-able, and contain premium, natural ingredients. In comparison with other delivery forms, capsules offer consistent, systematic absorption of CBD goodness.

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Capsules CBD faqs

We love CBD’s ability to nurture the mind and body from the inside, so you can
be your best self on the outside. See some of the frequent questions about this
collection and why it’s an easy choice for mindful daily maintenance.

Our comprehensive product guide is here to help you choose the right one. Learn about cannabinoids and which delivery form fits your needs.

Or, scour our entire selection and get matched with your new favorite Smoky Mountain CBD product with our quick, easy product quiz.

Like most of Smoky Mountain’s products, capsules are made free of animal by-products and made out of 100% vegan and organic ingredients.

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Soft gel capsules for those of us who enjoy receiving the benefits of CBD…without having to think about it.

A get-your-dose-and-go delivery system that leaves you feeling better than ever.

Check out some of these common queries about encapsulated cannabinoids.

Which Cannabinoids Suit YOU?

Get to know cannabinoids

 Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD and THC isolates are as varied in their forms as they are in their effects. Learn about the range of cannabinoids and choose your combination with confidence.

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