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Easy-to-grow cannabis seeds

A budding sector of the industry, we have fostered a selection of marijuana seeds that are second to none. Find easy-growing auto-fem seeds, regular and high THC strains, and everything in between.

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Cannabis seeds faqs

Smoky Mountain’s high-THC strains are bred in the United States,

conform to federal laws, and undergo comprehensive third-party testing.

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Our Feminized Seeds and the High THCa strains, in particular, are designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible. Part of the ease of growth comes from the fact that these seeds are feminized so you don’t have to look out for male plants that won’t flower.

These strains typically flower in 8-9 weeks after flipping to flower.

Our Feminized THC Seeds are designed to ensure you get high-yield & high-quality flowers with every plant. 

These THCa dominant strains were carefully bred to produce a potent but unique high; We hand-selected some of the most sought-after and flavorful strains in the game for these crosses, making them great for beginners. 

You get a strong euphoric feeling from these seeds, as well as some of the best flavor cannabis has to offer.

Our seeds have a 99% germination rate.

Our feminized THCa Seed produces females 99% of the time. This means you may experience 1 male per every few hundred seeds.

Flowers from Auto THC Seeds should start to become visible after the first two weeks after germination, if not earlier.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa), decarboxylates when subjected to heat. 

It then breaks down into the more common THC. 

Vulnerable to heat, THCa is consumed as fresh extract or raw cannabis. 

Learn more from our comprehensive product guide, which offers information about cannabinoids and choosing a delivery form that fits your needs.  Or, scour our entire selection and get matched with your new favorite Smoky Mountain CBD product with our quick, easy product quiz.

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