Delta 9 THC everywhere!

If you’ve been paying attention to the hemp industry recently, then surely you’ve seen an uptick in products with small amounts (5- 250mg) of Delta 9 THC.

You may find yourself wondering how is this possible? After all isn’t Delta 9 THC the cannabinoid that’s been illegal since the 30’s? Yes, yes it is, but now that its 2022 we read the law a little differently.

Technically, the federally-legal limit  for D9THC in your CBD products is 0.3% by weight – but what does that mean exactly?

What it means is that you can use the overall weight of your edible to your advantage.  The heavier the product weight -> the more delta 9 THC is allowed.

Legal Delta 9 THC Edibles

Let’s look at some examples. A Smoky Mountain CBD 25mg Legal Limit Sucker contains a considerable amount of Delta 9 THC.  Each sucker weighs approximately 9.5 grams, or 9500mg. 9500mg * .003 = 28.5mg.

That means one sucker weighing 9.5 grams is allowed to have 28.5mg of delta 9 thc, or 0.3% by weight. Now considering that Tennessee is an illegal state, 28.5mg is a pretty significant dose for a single serving edible! After all, even in most recreational cannabis states, you are limited to 100mg or less of THC in a single edible.

Let’s try the math out on our new Full Spectrum Delta 9 THC Gummies, which contain 5mg D9 and 5mg CBD.

Each gummy comes in at about 2 grams or 2000mg. 2000mg*.003=6mg. That means you can fit 6mg in a 2 gram gummy cube, and still be compliant with federal regulations! You can easily put 50 gummies in a single package and LEGALLY sell 250mg of Delta 9 THC to almost any state. We even offer that exact product via our website.

Where does hemp derived Delta 9 THC come from?

Delta 9 THC must be derived from hemp in order for it to be used in CBD products at <0.3%. So where does it come from, since legal hemp is all mainly CBD rich?

Delta 9 THC is made from CBD isolate simply put. CBD Isolate can be turned into nearly every cannabinoid when under the right conditions. First CBD Isolate is turned to Delta 8 THC, and then the process goes one step further, turning that Delta 8 THC into Delta 9 THC!

So why are we just now seeing this stuff hit the market? Well, it’s been legal for quite some time, but many processors and manufacturers of hemp products are just now figuring out how to scale up the cannabinoid conversions to rates that make it profitable at a large scale. Thanks to the hemp industry the cannabis industry is developing at an extreme rate. Over the past decade the processes that are used to extract and convert these cannabinoids have grown at an exponential rate.

Where to purchase Delta 9 THC edibles in Tennessee?

If you live in Tennessee and you’re looking to purchase D9-THC, then you’re in luck. Stores all across the state are carrying the products, and you can order from the comfort of your home nearly anywhere in the United States, but be cautious of which one you choose. Due to a lack of regulation some of the products on the market aren’t really what they say they are. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots to buy Delta 9 THC online to save you time.

  1. Smoky Mountain CBD has a whole category dedicated to Delta 9 THC. All of their products are lab tested and contain the actual milligram they claim. If you’re looking to shop online this is without a doubt the best place to do it.
  2. Hemp House Chattanooga has 4 locations in the area, and they all stock the best available products in Tennessee. If you find yourself looking for Delta 9 THC in the Chattanooga area, Hemp House is the spot to go.
  3. Ocoee Botanicals is dedicated to supplying high quality THC to the Tennessee area. These folks have been hard at work sourcing products from all across the state the boast of high d9THC content. If you find yourself near Cleveland, TN this is a stop you have to make.

What does this mean for cannabis?

Could this new wave of hemp derived D9 potentially upset the recreational cannabis market? With the increased availability of Delta 9 THC on the market it would seem that it may slow down recreational sales at stores, considering you can order this stuff to your front door from hundreds of different websites. But this is just speculation. The ever-changing hemp industry will keep you on your toes, and truly only time can tell how legally hemp derived delta 9 THC below .3% by weight will last.

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