Doesn’t matter whether you want a THC-infused chocolate choco-chip, coconut almond macaroon, or any one of the countless options, in order to make a perfectly balanced batch of cookies you need to have a basic knowledge of both cooking as well as marijuana. 

In this article, we’ll cover all the basics you need to know in order to make the perfect batch of THC cookies. 

What All You’ll Need?

There are plenty of ways to make THC cookies, however, there are some staples that you need irrespective of the kind you’re making, including:

1. Cannabutter or Cannabis Coconut Oil

Without any of the two, the recipe wouldn’t be complete. Now, between the two, you can choose either or even use them interchangeably. But most importantly you need to prepare it before starting cooking your THC cookies because the process of cannabis decarboxylation takes around five hours. 

2. Sugar

As for the sugar, you can make your THC cookies with either white sugar or cannabis-infused sugar (which also takes more than five days to be made, so prepare them ahead of time). 

3. THC

Before starting to cook, you must remember to decarboxylate your flower. This is a fundamental step in making any baked cannabis-based products. The process is relatively easy. All you’re required to do is to use your everyday pan to bake the crumbled weed in an oven at anywhere between 200 degree to 250 degree Fahrenheit for around 27 minutes. This will convert your THCA into its enhanced potent form, that is, THC. 

4. Topping(s) of Your Choice

As for the toppings, the sky’s the limit. You can make it with chocolate chips, gingersnap, oatmeal, almond, go nuts – it’s your personal preference. 

5. Other Items  

Other primary items include eggs, boxed cookie mix, cookie sheet pan, saucepan. Additionally, you’d also want to get a weed grinder, food processor, or cheesecloth. 

How To Bake THC Cookies :

Here are the steps you need to follow to bake your THC cookies:

Step 1: Have cannabis-infused sugar, cannabutter, and THC ready. 

Step 2: Preheat your oven between 350°F-375°F. 

Step 3: Fix the ratio of cannabutter to regular butter (depending on the overall quantity).

Step 4: Follow the instructions of your cookie mix (adding in other dry as well wet ingredients such as cannabutter and eggs), as you would for normal, non-THC cookies.

Step 5: Mix the ingredients well. 

Step 6: Now like you would do with any other cookie dough, place small balls of the dough onto the baking sheet (ensure to keep some distance between them). 

Step 7: Put the pan in the oven and let it bake for at least seven to ten minutes. 

Step 8: You should ideally wait for at least 30 minutes to cool it down but you can also consume it after five minutes, if it has sufficiently cooled down. 

Finally, What Do The Experts Have To Say? 

If you are trying THC cookies for the first time, it’s important to bear in mind that edibles can be very potent so remember to take it easy and not overdo it.

Furthermore, if you don’t feel any of the expected feelings of “high”, don’t panic and consume more. Edibles have a delayed outset and generally, each person’s experience will differ slightly. 

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