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Ignite energy and retain focus throughout the day with our Boost CBD collection. Formulated with naturally occurring compounds, Boost products invigorate your day- without the crash

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Boost cbd faqs

Our line of CBD goodies that have been carefully calibrated to support
sustained productivity and energy. See what makes this collection an easy
pick for customers.

Products labeled only with pure CBD isolate hemp extract do not contain THC. Products that include a Full Spectrum option, such as the Boost Gummies, do contain THC.

Yes, absolutely! Many Smoky Mountain customers use our edibles and smoke product along with our creams to get the best experience. For instance, creams and salves for localized pain, flavorful gummies for an energy boost, capsules to help regulate the sleep cycle, and a nice vape pen to sit back and relax.

Another naturally occurring compound, mostly in black tea, L-Theanine is known to help with stress, anxiety, managing insomnia, and improving our immune system.

Our comprehensive product guide is here to help you choose the right one. Learn about cannabinoids and which delivery form fits your needs.

Or, scour our entire selection and get matched with your new favorite Smoky Mountain CBD product with our quick, easy product quiz. 

Like most of Smoky Mountain’s CBD products, Boost products are made free of animal by-products and made out of 100% vegan and organic ingredients.

An important vitamin that your body cannot create on its own, B12 is needed for maintaining healthy bodily functions, from keeping your bones and muscles in good shape to improving mood. A lack of B12 in the everyday diet is also linked to a lack of energy.

A natural compound found in citrus fruits, limonite has a wide variety of powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Limonene has also been found to promote weight loss, decrease stress and anxiety, and support healthy digestion. 

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Everyone’s wellness journey is unique. From everyday tinctures to targeted topicals, we want to make sure you find your unique cannabis compound.

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 Extracted from the cannabis plant, CBD and THC isolates are as varied in their forms as they are in their effects. Learn about the range of cannabinoids and choose your combination with confidence.

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