About Dabbable CBD

Dabs have recently become a common form of consumption among cannabis consumers and dabbable CBD is no different. A dab is concentrated cannabis that the consumer vaporizes to inhale. The vapors of concentrated cannabis are more potent than traditional consumption like flower or edibles.

Concentrations are made for consumers who are looking for more potent effects of the strain.  A dab is four time stronger than a joint. Now imagine smoking the joint all at once! One would feel extremely potent effects.

Our dabbable CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plants. Each batch of CBD tests above 99% cannabidiol to ensure our product is always pure. Just like concentrates of cannabis our dabbable CBD will provide the most potent effects.

After going through an extraction process, the cannabinoid, CBD, isolated from the rest of the plant. Place product against a hot surface it will create smoke vapor for the consumer to inhale.

How to Dab CBD

There are multiple components to get a dab ready. Once you have your nail ready and hot for you dab, scoop an appropriate amount of CBD or DELTA 8 THC onto a dabber to place against the side of the nail to heat. As the CBD turns into vapor the consumer will inhale for potent and almost immediate effects.

You can also use dabbable products in vapor pens. Simply place the product inside the heating chamber and use pen as instructions suggest.

Smoky Mountain CBD Dabbable Products

Smoky Mountain CBD offers dabbable CBD and dabbable delta 8 THC products to their customers; Bulk Delta 8 THC Concentrate and 99% Pure CBD Isolate Powder. If you are looking for effects through a dab, either product is for you.

Dabbing Pros

Consumers turn to dabbable products versus traditional flower because the effects are more potent. This is the most dominant reason that dabbing is at the forefront in the cannabis community. Larger amounts of cannabis, whether that be CBD, THC or other cannabinoids, are concentrated into a smaller single-serve dab.

Who Should Dab

Since dabbing product produces more intense and potent effects, we recommend dabbing Delta 8 for people who are looking for extreme effects. Because a dab is so potent with almost immediate effects, a quick dab is an easy way to find relief. You can control how much you dab as well. Use a smaller amount of product or increase the size for a larger, more potent dab.