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Your guide to the best CBD goods in the Southeast

Starting your CBD journey at the very beginning? Or maybe you’re just looking for some reliable cannabis intel. We’ve got the scoop on Smoky Mountain CBD products and the isolated cannabinoids that make them some of the best on the market.

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Cannabinoids in context

We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of CBD by blending extracts and ingredients based on their proven effects. Thanks to an array of cannabinoids, we are able to offer a diverse supply of solution-forward formulations. Here’s everything you need to know about the stuff in our products and their powerful purpose.


How it works
Research suggests that CBD prevents the break down of endocannabinoids so there remains an ample natural supply for your body.

Cannabidiol (“CBD”), is the second most active constituent found in the hemp plant. Out of all the cannabinoids, CBD exhibits the most extensive array of advantageous characteristics.

Full Spectrum CBD Dropper
Tennessee Hemp Honey
Tennessee CBD Hemp Flower


How it works
Binds with the body’s primary cannabinoid receptor, CB1, which is directly responsible for balancing mood.

Cannabigerol (“CBG”) is the pre-cursing cannabinoid to both CBD and THC.

CBG Oil Tincture
BOOST Energy Capsules
99% Pure CBG Isolate Powder


How it works
Binds with both main receptors, CB1 & CB2 but contains about a quarter of the potency of THC.

Cannabinol (“CBN”), is produced when THC breaks down under high heat, light, and oxygen exposure. Similar to CBD, it can be ingested in various forms.


CBN Capsules
REST CBD Sleep Gummy
CBN Oil Tincture


How it works
Dominantly binds with the primary cannabinoid (or CB1) receptor, but with a weaker bond than Delta-9 THC.

Delta-8 products are extracted from cannabis-sourced CBD, which originates in the cannabis sativa plant.


Delta 8 Carts THC Vape
Delta 8 Cream
25 mg Delta 8 Gummies


How it works
Delivers generous psychoactive effects than Delta-8 due to its stronger bond with the cannabinoid receptor, CB1.

Delta-9 is also derived from the cannabis sativa plant. Its effects tend to be more potent than those of Delta-8. Delta-9 products can be smoked or vaped in flower form or can be extracted for use in edibles, topicals, and other preparations.


Delta 9 THC Sucker
BALANCE Delta 9 THC Cream

Extra Strength Balance Delta 9 Gummies


How it works
Incapable of binding with either of the brain’s main cannabinoid receptors, due to its large molecular size.

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (“THC”), decarboxylates when subjected to heat. It then breaks down into the more common THC. Vulnerable to heat, THCa is consumed as fresh extract or raw cannabis.


High THCa Seeds
Regular Feminized THCa Seeds
Autoflower Seeds Feminized

Which delivery is right for me?

You found your perfect cannabinoid combo, but understanding the delivery system for each product type is just as important. Check out these category options to forge for your personal path to wellness.

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    Daily use or as needed. Fast-acting and usually diluted with oil, dosage is less exact.

  • Group 51076342


    Better for daily use. Slow-release delivery with an optimally pre-measured dose.

  • Group 51076343


    Use as needed. Absorption is at the rate of metabolism and dosing is usually accurate relative to package labeling.

  • Group 51076344


    Daily use or as needed. Great for localized treatment, delivery of CBD is time-released via the vascular system.

  • Group 51076345

    Vapes & Concentrates

    Use as needed. Best option to get the fastest relief, CBD is absorbed through shallow respiratory capillaries.

  • Group 51076346


    Daily use or as needed. Fast-acting and usually diluted with oil, dosage is less exact.

Learn More About our terpenes

Let's talk terpenes

A naturally occurring compound in almost every plant, you’re smelling terpenes every time you mow the grass or walk through a pine forest. So, of course, it’s a major component of cannabis.

Research suggests that a strain’s dominant terpenes, along with its particular cannabinoid profile, dictates the brain + body effects of that strain.

Check out our robust menu of botanical terpenes, available with every vape pen, cartridge, or concentrate and experience the full range of terpene-pairing potential.

Need some guidance? Click over to our convenient, comprehensive guide to help you pick your preferred profile.

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