In the span of a year, sales of Delta-8 THC increased by 144% in the United States and with that, the newest cannabinoid compound has become a crowd favorite.​​​​​​​ Referred to as “Marijuana-lite” or “diet weed” it gives a milder high without the drawbacks of Delta-9 THC.

Are you new to Delta-8 THC and looking for brands to try, but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve been using it for a while but want to try a new product or brand. Whatever the case may be, you’re in the right place. We’re going to review the top Delta-8 THC brands for 2022 and find out what makes each of these brands great.

The Best Delta-8 Brands

1.  Smoky Mountain CBD

Smoky Mountain is a reputed hemp company hailing from East Tennessee. They are also the premium Delta 8 THC wholesale and retail supplier. They also have a versatile range of CBD products including Delta 8 THC products. All of Smoky Mountain’s Delta 8 THC products are made from high-quality, pure hemp and manufactured in Tennessee. 

Smoky Mountain’s lineup of Delta 8 THC products includes:

Finally, all Smoky Mountain products undergo third-party testing as well as batch testing to ensure each product meets the safety and quality standards that customers expect from a premium brand.

2. Area 52

We’re not alone in recommending Area 52 -CFAH, LA Weekly, Herald Net, and Seattle Weekly have all placed Area 52 as one of their top three Delta-8 brands. And with good reason, too. The founder of Area 52, who is also a biochemist, spent over a decade developing and perfecting various methods of cannabis extraction and isolation.  

Their product gives a smooth buzz that leaves you feeling clear-headed and not stoned. So, it’s great for use at work to increase focus and concentration, in the evenings to wind down after a long day, or when out with friends.

3.  Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is an experienced leader in the Delta 8 industry with 10 leading products and an award-winning CBD oil.  They have a wide range of D8 flavors and products to choose from depending on whether you want to use it for health benefits or in social settings.

Headed by a team of doctors and scientists, Diamond CBD is committed to extensive research and development to provide you with all-natural products that are free of GMOs.

4.  Exhale Wellness

With decades’ worth of experience in the organic food industry, Exhale Wellness believes that nature holds the key to wellness. That is why their product is not only 100% organic, it’s also vegan-friendly, gluten and dairy-free, and does not contain GMOs. They do not use PEG, PG, VG, or MCT oils in their process either. Yet, they still manage to create a high-potency product that they’ve become known for.  

Customers rave about their great customer service, giving them a five-star rating for timely delivery, dependable customer support, and high-quality products. On Trustpilot, 1,635 customers gave them 4.3 out of 5 stars. 

5.  Everest

Forbes rated Everest as making “the very best Delta 8 products for relaxing your mind.” Men’s Journal said that Everest has the “#1 best Delta 8 THC gummy brand on the market’. Everest strives to create the highest quality and purest product on the market. This is probably why they can offer products that have the maximum potency while tasting great.

They pay close attention to every step of the supply chain, ensuring they work with farmers and manufacturers they know and trust. With clean soil and good practices, they can create high-quality products.

6.  Vybba

Vybba is committed to growing, harvesting, extracting, and blending the highest quality cannabinoid and terpene products, from locally grown hemp in the Pacific Northwest, possible. As a result of this commitment, they only use 2 ingredients in their Vybba oil, which are high-potency cannabidiol, and a base of unprocessed natural hemp oil. They don’t use isolate or harsh chemical extractions and ensure that their product is from full-spectrum hemp.  

In a bid to produce natural, high-quality products, they rely on organic farming techniques and try to ensure their products are as natural as possible. They even test the hemp, after harvest, for different chemicals and metals. So you can be certain you’re getting good quality products.

Wrapping up…

Each brand on this list takes steps to ensure the quality of its product is high. They are passionate about delivering a natural product that is free from harmful chemicals. A number even invest heavily in continuous research and development to make sure customers are getting the very best. In essence, whichever of these brands you choose, you’re unlikely to have a bad experience.