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Despite its popularity, we know how difficult it can be to find safe CBD products and we set out to change that through Smoky Mountain. Local to the East Tennessee mountains, Smoky Mountain CBD was founded by a team of enthusiasts and experts who after experiencing the transformative power of hemp themselves, decided to make it more accessible to the people of Tennessee.

Today, the company has grown to a trusted supplier of pure CBD products to numerous CBD companies across Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, Asheville, and other surrounding areas and continues to grow day by day.

USA Grown

Made in America

To maintain the highest quality and safety standards, our entire production process is based in the United States. Having no middlemen also means we can offer the best value for your dollar.



We work directly with local farmers here in Tennessee to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used – from our 99% pure extracts down to our unique formulations.

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Third-party Tested

Testing doesn’t mean much if it’s not accessible by you. That’s why we give our customers easy access to our third-party lab results through QR codes on every product label.

Adulting is hard but Smoky Mountain helps

Most CBD brands today cater to younger audiences because there is a massive misconception in the industry that older adults don’t need CBD. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. With increased stress, more prevalent sleep disorders, lack of energy, and a whole lot of chronic pain, older adults and senior citizens need CBD the most.

Instead of waiting for the change, we decided to be the change.

Smoky Mountain’s CBD formulations are specifically designed for everyday adult needs with our unique product lines, from Relax and Wellness to Boost and Balance.

Trusted Manufacturer, Supplier, and Pioneer

Smoky Mountain comes from the mountains in East Tennessee where it has established itself as a trusted CBD manufacturer and supplier. We work directly with farmers to ensure the highest levels of safety, quality, and consistency across our products.

If you’ve ever had any CBD products in and around Tennessee, chances are we had a role to play in it. Smoky Mountain’s products can also be found for purchase in stores across Tennessee.

Visit our Locations page to find our closest store.

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